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Our tree selection is looking up and you should too. Whether it's for flowers, screening, accentuating, highlighting or seasonal interest, there is so much to see. Old standby's like Oaks, Maples, Birches, and Cherries are available in many sizes and varieties. New "standards" like the Rutgers Hybrid Dogwoods or the hardy Southern Magnolias are very tempting. Later bloomers like Franklinias, Stewartias, tree form Rose of Sharons, or Heptacodium "Seven Son Flowers" can extend your blooming season. Many also offer fall color or bark and stem interest too. Take a walk through our nursery and look up and around at what we have to offer.

When thinking about something new and different, we always look towards the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society list of annual Gold Medal winners. The new list of the winners for 2000 just came out. We are very pleased to see that 4 of the 5 winners are already in line for next year at SBG. Their track record of selections is always right on track and next year's winners are no exception. AND THE WINNERS ARE, Trident Maple (Acer Buergerianum), White Oak (Quercus Alba), Brilliant Red Chokeberry (Aronia "Brilliantissima'), Parrotia Persica, Weigela "Wine & Roses", and Meyer Korean Lilac (Syringa Meyeri "Palibin"). Whether it's shrubs or trees, flowers, fragrance, berries, or seasonal interest, these winners offer so much. We also have many of the previous year's winners, which have proven themselves to be winners also. We like to think of ourselves as plantsmen and not just "sellers of plants". We continually get excited about all the "unique and unusual" that the world traveling collectors keep coming up with. Catch the "bug" with us. Come in and be tempted with what the world and SBG has to offer.

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