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Stony Brook Gardens offers a wide selection of deciduous and evergreen shrubs. Whether you're looking for tall or short, broad or narrow, we'll find a shrub for your needs. One of the mainstays of any garden are Azaleas and Rhododendrons. We offer over 80 types, ranging from the short fuzzy "Yak" hybrids up thru the large Rhodie "Max". How about Azaleas in every color or combination other than blue? Our Lilac collection numbers over 20 varieties, including many hybrids from Father Fiala, who has expanded the color palette and performance of these fragrant favorites. With the many different varieties , the Lilac bloom season is greatly extended.

As the fall season winds down, the vibrant berry producers are still vivid in our minds. The many Hollies and Pyracanthas were "falling over" with colorful berries this year. But most of all, the Winterberry Hollies were gangbusters! Ranging from the shorter "Red Sprite" to the taller "Winter Red" or "Afterglow", they are striking additions to your yard. The newer selections like "Magic Berry" Coralberry or the bright purple Beautyberry Callicarpa add colorful spice to the fall garden. And just a quick mention of all the flowering Hydrangeas, Spireas, Potentillas, 23 varieties of Viburnums and the list goes on & on. (We'll get to the leafy or needled evergreens next time.)
Looking for something a little different? We have a wide range of unique and unusual specimen plants which can work well in small places or become the focal point for that special place in your garden. Our varied selection is always changing as newer specimens become available.

Each season there are more and more new cultivars of roses. We offer a wide range of climbing, miniature, floribundas, hybrid teas, David Austin English, and the new Romantica series. Some are new, and some are old, but all have something to offer. How about fragrant hardy rugosas, groundcovers, and old fashioned types too. With your rose selection, there are plenty of supplies, pruners, fertilizers, and trellises to keep your roses at their prime and in your garden.

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